The Coven


Maximilian "Blaze" Ward, Jr. - the leader of the Brotherhood and son of The First. Blaze chafes in his role as his father's successor, but finds the courage to lead after falling in love with Kat, a headstrong girl with demons of her own. Special power - superhuman speed, ability to dematerialize at will without the aid of a spell

Cordero "Cody" Quintana - member of the Laganasett tribe and son of its High Chief. Cody isn't the least bit interested in his tribe's past and traditions, and is a notorious ladies man. That is, until he meets his match in a girl named Regan Fox. Special power - can transform into any animal, his favorite being the mountain lion

Quintavius "Q" Grier - possessed of genius level intelligence, Q is second in command of the Brotherhood and Blaze's right hand. His early experiences with poverty and hunger make him especially empathetic to others, although his past has given him a dark side. Special power - can control and manipulate the weather and the atmosphere

Sebastian Montgomery - always ready with a joke, Sebastian is the youngest of the group. He is fiercely loyal to those he loves, but has a penchant for self-destruction. Tragedy will force him to confront the personal weaknesses he's always struggled to bury. Special power - can control the elements of fire, air, earth, and water

Etienne Montgomery - brash, hotheaded, and aggressive, Etienne is the strongest of the brothers. His boys regard him as affectionately obnoxious, although he constantly feels he has something to prove. He is the half-brother of Sebastian Montgomery. Special power - able to influence and control the minds and emotions of others