Anamika (n.) – a class of young witches that aid the Vestris in ceremonies and rituals. While most come from prominent families, some are chosen if they show exceptional promise in magic
Artificium Nostri (proper n.) – “Our Craft”, a compendium of spells that form the essence of magic
Avatar (n.) – a person possessed and controlled by the spirit of Seth; avatars must be at least potentials for the possession to take place
Brotherhood (proper n.) – five warlock fighters, typically the sons of the Primeria, who are trained to fight the demonic warlock Seth and his associates
Cast of Change (proper n.) – a spell that can transform a potential into a full witch/warlock
Coven (n.) – a group of witches. In America, the six major covens are each is headed by a regent, or governor, who reports to the Primeria and is responsible for all witches and warlocks in their region. The Primeria and their families form the leadership of the Atlantic coven, the oldest, wealthiest, and most powerful coven in the country, located in New England
Dark One (n.) – a mystical being with no soul that derives its magical powers from Seth
First Family (proper n.) – the head of the Primeria, known as the First, and his spouse, along with any children they may have
Norm (n.) – a human being who possesses no magical abilities
Potential (n.) – a person who possesses latent magical powers and the potential to become a full witch/warlock. A potential’s transition can be triggered by the Cast of Change
Primeria (proper n.) – a supreme council comprised of five male descendants of the First Ones, a band of five warlocks who united against Seth when he first tried to enslave humanity millennia ago. The Primeria are the leaders of witch society and the heads of the Atlantic coven. Membership in the Primeria is generally passed from father to son, but if one of the five seats becomes vacant, new members may be elected into the council with the approval of the First, provided that the candidate is a direct descendant of the First Ones
Regent (n.) – a governor, appointed by the Primeria, who heads a regional coven
Rogue (n.) – a witch/warlock who voluntarily becomes a servant of Seth and uses his or her powers for evil
Seeing Stones (n.) – five stone cubes, passed down to each Chief Vestris, of vast mystical power. None but the Chief Vestris knows how to properly use the stones and the true extent of their power; it is said that in the hands of a truly powerful witch, the stones can be used to see the future, hence their name
Seth (proper n.) – a mystical figure who was one of the first warlocks, who used his powers for evil and aimed to subjugate humanity. The First Ones, a band of warlocks whose descendants would later become the Primeria, joined together to stop him. After being defeated in battle by the First Ones, Seth committed suicide rather than be taken prisoner. Although physically dead for millennia, his spirit lives on through avatars and his army of Dark Ones
Talisman (n.) – a piece of jewelry, featuring a jewel that contains the warlock’s essence, that a warlock often gives to the woman he loves, be she human or witch. When the woman wears the talisman, the warlock can sense her emotions, be alerted if she is in danger, communicate with her telepathically, and envelop her in a magical defensive shield even when he is not physically present
The Craft (proper n.) – witchcraft
The First (proper n.) – the head of the Primeria
The Gathering (proper n.) – an annual meeting of the regents in which they update the Primeria on the current state of their territories and discuss the state of the war against Seth
The Gauntlet (proper n.) – a mystical weapon of immense magical power created from the metal of Seth’s broken sword with which he committed suicide. The Gauntlet is traditionally given to the Brotherhood’s leader when he proves himself ready to wield it
The Red Realm (proper n.) – a prison dimension that exists outside the regular universe, used to imprison witches and warlocks who violate the laws of their People. The Red Realm is housed inside a large red crystal kept and guarded by the Primeria and the Brotherhood
The Rolls (proper n.) – a registry of all witches and warlocks across the world, which details their coven and family lineage
Transition (n.) – critical moment in a young witch/warlock’s life, when his or her powers are activated. Usually occurring around the age of 13, one’s powers are raw and undeveloped at this time, and difficult to control. Thereafter, a witch or warlock must undergo regular training to develop their powers.
Turning ceremony (n.) – a special ceremony to mark a person’s transition.
Vestris (n.) – typically the wife of a Primeria member or another high ranking witch, a Vestris is responsible for upholding traditions and educating the young in the Craft. A Vestris must be a witch herself to perform traditional duties
Witch [female]/warlock [male] (n.) – a person who possesses magical powers